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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dagnabit, doodles and doots!

To get a true appreciation of the hilarity and clever humour writing in Ron Petrie's book Running of the Buffalo, one only needs to look at the Index (sort of)...

This is just under the letter 'D':

'Dagnabit, Danny DeVito, Davidson, Don Cherry, doodad, doodie, doodled, Doodles, doodling, doots, Drake, Drinkwater, Duck Lake, dumbass, and Dummer.'

And one of my favourite sections of the Index (sort of)... under the letter 'P':

'Palmer, Paradise Hill, pee, pfft, pickamaniac, Pipestone Creek, Pile-O'-Boners, Plato, Plenty, pobbycock, Porcupine Plain, Primate, Prince Albert, and Psst.'

And what exactly is Ron's book about? Now you can hear it from Ron himself....


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