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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, happy readers!

Hello everyone! Dionne Warner and I recently spent two days signing Never Leave Your Wingman books at the Pasqua Hospital Gift Shop in Regina, SK. - just down the hall from the Allan Blair Cancer Clinic.

It was an emotional, awe-inspring, sometimes heartbreaking but mostly fun time as we talked with cancer patients, hospital staff and visitors. Dionne shared her personal story of battling cancer seven times (she's fighting Stage IV liver, lung and bone cancer right now) and we were privileged to talk with patients about their own cancer journeys and how they can stay stronger to fight this devastating disease.

Time and time again, I watched in admiration as Dionne gave these patients a little dash of her courage and hope, some heartfelt hugs and a few laughs to boost their strength and encourage them to keep up the good fight. As Dionne would say... "Show your cancer who's the boss!"

So from us to you.... have a wonderful Christmas and a happy holiday season! Enjoy each precious day you have been given. Share it with loved ones and appreciate all that you have.

Take care,

Deana and Al Driver, DriverWorks Ink

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