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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Beauty Around Us

Trade shows are always fascinating experiences for us.

We meet future hopeful authors:  three people came up to us at a recent trade show and asked about how to get published. (One or two of those works might become DriverWorks Ink titles in the future and the third would-be author was pointed in the direction of another great Saskatchewan publisher.)

We meet avid readers who have never seen our titles before: the most common reaction is appreciation for true stories of Prairie people.

We meet readers who have purchased some of our books and want to see what new titles are on our table: Example - A young man pointed at Just a Bunch of Farmers and said, "I've got that book! I like it!" So we responded with - "Then you'll probably like Prairie Pilot." And he quickly replied: "My mom's got that one!"

We meet readers who are looking for Saskatchewan books that were not published by us: we send them to the Saskatchewan Publishers Group's trade show booth if they are at the same show, or connect them as best we can with a place to purchase that book.

We meet genuinely great people who are simply fun to hang out with for part or all of the show (like Sweetpea the Clown below - she's the one in the middle!).

On the long drive home from the Nipawin Trade show, the sun was setting and it was too glorious a sight to let it slip without hauling out the camera and shooting some photos through the car window.


Saskatchewan - We love it!

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