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Monday, April 30, 2012

Liberation Day will soon be here!

May 5th is a national holiday in the Netherlands, celebrating the end of the Nazi occupation of Holland during the Second World War.

Our book The Little Coat: The Bob and Sue Elliott Story, written by Alan J. Buick, tells the true story of one brave Canadian soldier (Bob Elliott) and the little Dutch girl (Sussie Cretier) who met under the most dire of wartime circumstances and made a connection lasting a lifetime. In December 1945, Bob and his troop gave 10-year-old Sue a coat made from a wool Army blanket. Sue cherished that gift and 35 years later, she and Bob reconnected and fell in love. Sue still had her little coat! She brought it to Canada with her and married Bob. Their story is captured in this National Bestseller.

A reader said it best in this email:

"I purchased The Little Coat last fall. I completly LOVED it. We were away at a hockey tournament when I read it, and my daughter Katie frequently looked over at me and saw tears streaming down my face in the hotel room. When I finished the book, I told Katie that she HAD to read it. Coincidentally, Katie had to complete a book report on a Biography, so the timing was perfect. She read the book, and I got to watch her tears. She loved it! She loved it so much that she told her friends about it at school, while they were all complaining about the boring biographies they were reading. She shared it around and two other girls also wrote book reports on it, and completely fell in love with the characters. It is so fabulous. We will definitely be remembering on May 5th."

We are very proud to share Bob and Sue's story for another marvellous Liberation Day celebration!

Cheers, Bob and Sue Elliott! You are our heroes!

Bob and Sue Elliott in the Netherlands, May 2010

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