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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Unforgettable stories of unforgettable people

A journalist's job is to interview various people, tell the stories of those subjects and then forget about them - or at least set the thoughts of those subjects aside for a while - and move on to the next story.

But there are some people who are very difficult to forget.

These are the people who belong in books.

They are the Dionne Warners, Bob Elliotts, Walter D. Williams's and Colette Bourgonjes of the world.

They are the people who inspire, give others hope, continuously lend a hand and who deserve our attention and admiration.

We are proud to share the stories of some of these unique individuals - especially those named above. All of them are unsung Canadian heroes in their own right.

We invite you to purchase our books about these amazing people and, at your own pace, do as they did in the old days and:

"Read All About It!"

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