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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Thank-You Note for the Cream Money book

A thank-you note came in the mail the other day, from a woman in Alberta who received our Cream Money book as a gift from a friend.

As this book has already done many times since it was launched on May 23, 2015, Cream Money: Stories of Prairie People prompted this woman to remember her years on the farm and to share them with us:

"I was also raised on a mixed farm and surely can relate to my mum hand-milking 6-8 cows & shipping cream with a cream truck picking up the cream. Also I married a mixed farmer & we, like a lot of neighbours, milked a few mix-breed cows until we became fluid milk shippers and increased the herd to 50 or more, at times, Holsteins.

“After finding it so difficult to hire help for winter chores, we sold the quota before the price rose. Then I went back to shipping cream but had to deliver it to Vermilion, where a cream truck met the few cream-shippers left. After it stopped, we left the calves on the cross-breds we now had and even bought the odd calf to put on the heavier milkers. I milked one, with the first milkers we had used earlier, until March 2014, when the old favourite dried up – just couldn’t sell her so I had her put down mercifully.

“Thank you again. I’ll write a thank-you to (my friend) for thinking of me.”

This lovely thank-you note came with another pleasant surprise – a cheque made out to the Saskatchewan Lung Association,“in appreciation of the work of DriverWorks Ink in publishing Cream Money.”

We were delighted to pass that cheque on to the Lung Association and to express our thanks for her thanks. Win Win Win!

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