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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Never had this happen before

At today's Edmonton book signing for Never Leave Your Wingman and Prairie Pilot as well as promoting The Little Coat, we sold some books (always a good thing and the goal, of course), but had two other unique experiences:
An older woman came up and handed me and my sister (who had joined us for the afternoon) each a book that she had purchased for $2. She gave us an interesting explanation (which I will pass on to a journalist colleague for a possible story) but essentially, she buys books and donates them in memory of her son who passed away years ago. I guess we looked like we needed a book or would at least accept her gift.
Also, a young man from Great Britain who writes poetry asked me how to get published and then insisted on reading me one of his poems, seeking any advice I could give him. (I told him my thoughts on his poetry and directed him on to the Alberta Book Publishers Association to find poetry publishers. I also named a Saskatchewan publisher that does wonderful poetry books.)
Topping it off, I met a woman who wants to talk to me further about the Never Leave Your Wingman book and use an excerpt for a sociology paper she's writing on health and wellness.
So that was a fascinating afternoon.

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