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Friday, July 23, 2021

Making room for book babies

You know how, when some women are expecting a baby, they have to get the nursery ready before the little one arrives? 

Well, I'm expecting five new "babies" in the next two months  in the form of new books by various authors, including pieces I've written in two of the books.

So I had to get the "room" ready  aka my garage.

Here's the "before" picture of part of my garage:


And after two hours of moving boxes of books, organizing and cleaning up...


And I sold the desk too! It had served our family well for a couple decades and has gone to a new home, where it will be lovingly used in another home-based business. How cool is that?

Speaking of cool...

During the two-hour moving period, the temperature cooperated (not at all), going from a steamy 30 degrees Celsius down to a balmy 28. At 10 p.m!

Ah, Saskatchewan in the summer... 

But the "room" is ready.

Of course, I have to finish putting the book layouts together and getting them sent to the printer etc., but let's just call this "nesting", shall we? 

(Stay tuned for news about the books and to meet their authors.)

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