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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Starting a Fun Fall ... with Photos

The busy fall trade show season has begun for us and, if the Carlyle Homespun show on the weekend was any indication, it's going to be a fun fall for DriverWorks Ink publishers!

Al and I were pleased that so many people came to our DriverWorks Ink booth in Carlyle SK to buy more of our inspiring  'Saskatchewan and Prairie Stories' after they had purchased books from us last year. We heard particularly wonderful comments and compliments about Never Leave Your Wingman, The Little Coat and Prairie Pilot.  It was nice to introduce them to three new books: The Inquiring Reporter, Egg Money and Our Lamps Were Heavy, and hear their stories of how much they enjoyed a particular book and why.

Several children had read Seeds of Hope or Moving Forward in school. Some remarked they had giggled while reading Running of the Buffalo or Letters to Jennifer From Maudie & Oliver. And even though I'd written my first book in 2001, Just a Bunch of Farmers was still a popular title as well.

So here's a little photo journey of our weekend. Enjoy!

Businesses in Carlyle, SK had these signs up, welcoming everyone to their excellent Homespun craft show.


Here we are, selling our books at our trade show booth, Carlyle Homespun, Sept. 2012.

This made my writer's heart soar. A gentleman purchased Just A Bunch of Farmers: The Story of Weyburn Inland Terminal - the first book I ever wrote (in 2001) and the one that led me further into this lovely adventure that is now DriverWorks Ink book publishing.  He then promptly took a break from the busy trade show and sat down and started reading it.
We drove more than two hours from Carlyle back to Regina after the show, taking the longer way home to enjoy a different drive than we had taken to get there. I couldn't help but pull out my little camera and take a pile of snapshots of our beautiful Saskatchewan as it flew by outside our window.  

Straw bales lined up and ready for the winter.

The changing of the seasons... the leaves are turning colour and the air is getting cooler.

A couple of farm implements waiting to be called into service.

As we turned a corner, a rainbow came into view. How lovely!

Swaths of grain waiting to be combined.

 A lonely but proud barn. What stories could it tell?

The sky was dark and ominous... Saskatchewan is known as the Land of Living Skies, after all.

As we headed west, the lighting was more in my favour. Here's a farm yard with all its interesting buildings.

You can see for miles/kilometres in southern Saskatchewan. And if you're lucky, you catch a glimpse of a freight train as well.

 This is my favourite photo of the group. It looks like a painting, but it really is a scene I shot with my little Olympus camera as we drove down the highway. Beautiful!

Harvest is coming to an end for this year, but this combine was still working hard.

 And here it is... heading into the sunset and entering Regina, Saskatchewan. (Sorry about the bug guts on the window.)

Home sweet home...

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