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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Bathroom Reader?

We've received many great compliments about my book Never Leave Your Wingman: Dionne and Graham Warner's Story of Hope - and many of our other Prairie books, too.

So thank you for all those responses and keep 'em coming!

Tonight, I was chatting with a woman who commented that she hadn't read this week's selection for her book club and she wondered if she should even attempt it since there are only two days left until the Friday meeting. I replied that the book they chose might be one that is a page-turner that hooks her right away and causes her to stay up all night until she's finished the book. Those are the best books!

Then I remembered a great story that we heard shortly after Never Leave Your Wingman was published.

A woman told us that she was reading the Wingman book at bedtime and didn't want to stop reading when it was time to turn out the lights. While her husband went to sleep, she grabbed the book and snuck into the adjoining bathroom in the dark, turning on the bathroom light only after she'd closed the door to the room.

She read for a little while, then her husband awoke and called out to her. She turned out the light to the bathroom, then grabbed a flashlight and snuck away - to their closet! - where she sat on the floor and read the rest of the book with the aid of a flashlight!

Now THAT's a page-turner - and a great response to our book!

We don't care where you read our books - just as long as you read them!

Our friend and author, the late Ron Petrie was a talented newspaper humour columnist. He used to call his Running of the Buffalo book a 'bathroom reader' - because you can take it into the bathroom and read one or two of his humour columns while doing your business, and then leave the book there until your next visit. As Ron used to say, "The bathroom is better than some places that my work has ended up - such as training puppies, the bottom of birdcages..."

So we hope you continue to enjoy our Prairie books - with or without a toilet nearby.

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