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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Draw to Thank My Blog Readers!

Yahoo! Yippee! This little blog of mine that began in July 2011 has just surpassed 9,000 page views!

I have no idea if that is a puny number or not in the world of bloggers, but I'm going to celebrate anyway - by GIVING AWAY A BOOK!


Post a comment on this blog before May 15th and you will be entered into the draw to win one of these two great books published by DriverWorks Ink:

SuperMom and the Big Baby by Dave Driver
Illustrated by Guy Laird
Incorporating the amusing ramblings of his sleep-talking wife into the story, author Dave Driver has written a whimsical children’s book for all ages.
Easton is a ‘big’ little boy with a bit of a temper. One day, after a disagreement with his brother Cooper, a strange thing happens. Easton begins to grow … and grow … and GROW! As he bursts through the roof of the house and runs down the street to terrorize the neighbourhood, his worried family wonders how to get their Big Baby back … back to the house and back down to his ‘normal’ size again. Suddenly, it’s SuperMom to the rescue! In the end, only a mother’s love can save the day.

The phrases spoken by SuperMom in the book are phrases actually spoken by Dave Driver's wife while she was sleeping! A fun book for the whole family, but especially for children ages 2 to 9!

Never Leave Your Wingman: Dionne and Graham Warner's Story of Hope 
by Deana J. Driver (that's me!)

Dionne Warner is a fun-loving seven-time cancer survivor who, along with her devoted humour-filled husband Graham, has danced into her weekly chemo treatments in Regina, Saskatchewan in costume – bringing laughter and hope to everyone she's met. When Dionne was diagnosed in 2001 with her third cancer, she told Graham (her then-fiancĂ©) he did not have to marry her ... she would return home to Toronto, Ontario. An experienced pilot, Graham quickly replied, “You never leave your wingman.” Since then, they have battled her cancers head-on together, with humour, courage and a zest for life. This is an inspiring true story and a lesson in love.

So go ahead - post a comment below to enter your name to win one of these great books!

Good luck! 

P.S. These two books would make great Mother's Day gifts, along with some of our other titles: The Little Coat and Letters to Jennifer in particular. See all our books at 

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