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Monday, November 5, 2012

SuperMom and the Big Baby - The creation of a book

Imagine that you are a young husband and father ... and that your wife talks in her sleep... especially when she's overtired from looking after your two young boys.

And imagine that your youngest son has a temper and causes a little bit of drama at your home some days.

What's a guy to do?

Well, if you're Dave Driver - a mortgage broker by day but a creative man at all times - you record some of the silly things your wife says in her sleep. You then use those phrases in a funny story that you write for your wife to show her that you love her and your children, including your youngest son, no matter how exasperating his temper can be at times.

You give the story to your wife as a Christmas gift.
Then you read it aloud to your family - including your parents, who happen to publish books. 
And a year later...
Ta Da!
Your funny and imaginative tale is now a popular children's book!

You see, your parents convinced you to let them turn your story into a book. Then they hired a talented artist named Guy Laird to illustrate your story.
And his artwork helped turn your creative story into a beautiful 32-page children's book that is attracting the attention of children and adults alike!

All in all ... it's pretty cool.

Readers can buy your SuperMom and the Big Baby book here, among other places.

The End ...

Or is it just the beginning?

Your wife still talks in her sleep, after all ...

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