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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Collaborating with Thomega Entertainment's Canada Remembers DVD Commemorative School Project

DriverWorks Ink is proud to collaborate with Thomega Entertainment Canada Remembers Documentaries to share stories of service and sacrifice of Canadian War Veterans. 

Endorsed by the Royal Canadian Legion’s National Poppy and Remembrance Committee for use of Poppy Fundsthe Canada Remembers Commemorative School Project invites Royal Canadian Legions across Canada as well as other organizations to purchase the set of 13 educational documentary DVDs for use in schools in their regions. Each order will also receive one complimentary copy of the inspiring new book Crash Harrison: Tales of a Bomber Pilot Who Defied Death by Deana J. Driver.

The book contains page after page of details about Canada’s involvement in the Second World War and Reg Harrison’s experiences, as well as Fun Facts about Reg “Crash” Harrison, a Timeline of Events, and Helpful Resources. The Teacher's Guide that accompanies the Canada Remembers DVD series has been updated to include a list of questions about this book, which educators may use to further encourage learning and discussion. 

Five of the 13 Canada Remembers documentaries filmed to date by Thomega Entertainment include interviews with 101-year-old Reginald "Crash" Harrison, the subject of this new book. Crash Harrison has been featured in: Canada Remembers A Veterans Reunion 2000, Canada Remembers It’s Time to Say Thanks 2005, Canada Remembers Festival for Heroes 2011, Canada Remembers Our Heroes The Liberators 2022, and Canada Remembers Our Heroes Service and Sacrifice 2023Another documentary featuring Reg Harrison is planned for release in 2024.

Reg Harrison is one of Canada's last surviving Halifax and Lancaster bomber pilots from the Second World War. He was given the nickname "Crash" in 1944 after surviving the second of what would end up being four aircraft crashes - none of which were his fault - while completing 19 missions as a Royal Canadian Air Force bomber pilot in England. The Crash Harrison book details Reg's life story - told in his own words - from his early years on a farm southwest of Melville, Saskatchewan through his wartime adventures and life after the war up to the present day. At 101 years of age, Reg "Crash" Harrison continues to honour and remember the men and women who served in Canada's military, noting that those who did not come home from war are the real heroes and should never be forgotten.

Thomega Entertainment initiated the Canada Remembers Commemorative School Project to share the message of the significant service and sacrifices of so many. Their program has reached over 15,500 schools, libraries, and related organizations nationwide. The primary goal is to give as many students as possible access to over 10 hours of engaging, informative, historical programming, which includes a Teacher's Guide that brings attention to the fact that freedom in this country did not come free. The Teacher's Guide has been updated to include information and classroom exercises related to the Crash Harrison book, which educators may use to further encourage learning and discussion.

Your Royal Canadian Legion Branch and other organizations are invited to order sets of these educational documentary DVDs here.

DriverWorks Ink is grateful to Creative Saskatchewan for book publishing production funding.

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